Marijuana businesses in Marenisco?

Written by on May 14, 2019

MARENSICO – Nearly 100 people filled the Marenisco Town Hall building last night for a public hearing on a proposed marijuana ordinance that would allow recreational marijuana enterprise in Marensico Township. Township attorney Jim Bucknell, who wrote the ordinance, reminded the group that recreational marijuana now is open to grow and use in limited quantities after citizens voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana. Bucknell said his ordinance specifically addresses the larger, commercial aspect of growing and selling marijuana in recreational forms, which now includes edibles. Bucknell also continued saying the advantage of recreational marijuana being legalized and commercialized is that it then is subjected to state-regulated testing, inspecting and rating. The ordinance if passed authorizes three growers each in three classes of A, B and C levels, respectively, along with three independent processors. It would also authorize -Three provisioning centers or public retail sales locations that would be authorized to conduct business; -Three smokers’ clubs that would not be allowed to sell alcohol and that would be open only to persons 21 or older;-Three “micro-businesses” that would be allowed to grow in small quantities and process on the same property;-Three safety compliance facilities; and-Three secure transporters. The ordinance notes that each of those entities would be subject to regulations designed specifically for them. Moreover, provisioning centers, retail centers, and smokers’ clubs would be restricted to a designated commercial area, whereas growers would be designated to agricultural areas. The township board will likely continue the ordinance at next month meeting.

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