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I was born and raised in the rural town of Elwood, Nebraska with one stoplight, a courthouse, three churches, and a bar.  I'm a Cornhusker and a huge sports fan, and after I graduated with a Broadcasting degree from the University of Nebraska, I worked all over the country on the radio.  When I'm not working, I'm usually running. I try to run between 6 and 9 miles a day, and although it's a pain to get motivated every single day, the runners high makes it worth it.  I try to eat clean and healthy too. I love shopping, going out for salmon and adult beverages, seeing live music and comedy, and listening to all kinds of music. I've got three daughters, and that means I'm an Uber mom, taking them to basketball, flag football, softball, or whatever is in season. They always crack me up and ask odd and interesting questions, and give the best hugs and make me realize what's important in life.  On the show, we'll chat about fitness and exercise, relationships, and workplace experiences, pop culture news, kids, and other things that present huge challenges. Like online dating. Oh my goodness. Dating on the apps is time-consuming and wild, but it seems strange now to meet someone in person.  I also have two dogs, two cats, and two fish, and every day truly is an adventure.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Mason knew from a young age that his future would involve music, entertainment or technology. He was the definition of “class clown”, often telling jokes, talking too much and finding himself in detention. He was everyone’s friend, loved to meet new people and craved attention. Family, teachers and peers always […]