Ironwood residents urged to lock their cars after a series of break-ins

Written by on July 19, 2019

IRONWOOD – Following several car break-ins earlier this week, the Ironwood Public Safety Department is reminding residents about steps they can take to reduce the chance they are targeted. Police say the break in happened primarily over one night recently, but there’s been other nights in the past … where people have reported their vehicles have been entered,” Not only in Ironwood, but Hurley has had some reports of suspicious activities where they’ve had car alarms reportedthat were going off.” Ironwood police suggest you should lock your cars and keep windows up at night, keep track of their keys and park in a well-lit area if possible. Also it’s advised that people avoid leaving valuables in vehicles. One of the recent vehicle break-ins was caught on video showing two teenage males entering the vehicles. If anyone thinks their vehicle was broken into, contact the authorities, Try not to touch the vehicle,” Be aware, if there are footprints in the dirt or mud outside the vehicle or in the area, not to step on top of them so police have the opportunity to photograph and preserve evidence.” So far no indication from police that any arrests have been in the recent vehicle break-ins

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